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Review : Tuno, Vegan Tuna Alternative

Tuno, vegan tuna alternative from - Vool Vegan Cool

Tuna was pretty much the last thing I gave up when I became vegetarian aged 13. I rarely ate it alone but would mix it with cold pasta, mayonnaise, gherkins and spring onions to make a pasta salad. I regularly took a bowl to an event if it was uncertain that there would be food that didn’t contain meat. And this subjected me to all kinds of conflicting views about whether or not fish was vegetarian.

Anyway, I gave up fish and learned to love pasta salad with other ingredients. So the arrival of Tuno on the UK market was a cause for excitement. How would it measure up?

Can of Tuno, vegan tuna alternative from Vool Vegan Cool

The Packaging

Tuno comes in a blue tin. I got 2 generous servings out mixed with other ingredients. A number of varieties of Tuno are available but let’s keep things simple to start with!

Open can of Tuno, vegan tuna alternative from Vool Vegan Cool

The Product

Opening the tin to reveal a meaty looking product felt vaguely wrong. Like opening a can of cat food for dinner. It didn’t look very appealing but let’s face it neither does Tuno! It didn’t smell of much.

Bowl of Tuno, vegan tuna alternative from Vool Vegan Cool

Tipped into a bowl it didn’t look any more attractive but did smell more appealing. A gentle fishy aroma. I’ll admit I tasted a morsel at this point. It was slightly chewy and tasty enough.

Tuno, vegan tuna alternative, and mayo from Vool Vegan Cool

I then added mayonnaise. On reflection, it would have been better to use a thicker mayonnaise but the squirty stuff was what was lurking in the cupboard.

Bowl of Tuno, vegan tuna alternative, with mayo, onions and sweetcorn - Vool Vegan Cool

And once the sweetcorn and onion were added it looked fine. It tasted good. Nice texture and a good mix of flavours. I’d be more than happy to pull a tin of this out of the cupboard for a sandwich, salad or jacket potato topping. And I definitely want to investigate the other flavours.

Good to know

Tuno is gluten-free.

You can buy from Vool for £2 a can.

Vool Verdict

A great tuna alternative if you don’t want to make your own. Mix with a thick mayonnaise from a jar for best results.

Tuno and sweetcorn on bread - Vool Vegan Cool