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Review – Katjes Chocjes

After seeing the awesome advert for Katjes Chocjes I just knew that I had to try this vegan chocolate with an oat mylk base.

Bet you want to try it now as well!

The packaging

Katjes comes in a pretty pink paper wrapper with foil inside. It looks good and it’s it can be recycled. However, the colour has caused a bit of confusion among customers who I’ve shown the bars. Pink evokes thoughts of strawberry or raspberry flavouring. And that’s exactly what they expected.

The product

Hazelnut based chocolates are big in the vegan market. This is not hazelnut based and has a different texture and feel to it. Bars like Vego and Pernigotti tend towards softness. Katjes Chocjes is a much drier bar. The oats give a hint of creaminess to the taste. However, this is not a bar that can be described as ‘melt in the mouth’. It’s rather refreshing (not a word usually associated with chocolate) to try a different style of chocolate. If you prefer your bars less sweet this might just be the one for you.

Good to know

Katjes Chocjes is soy free.

Try it for yourself by ordering from the Vool online shop. Katjes Chocjes is £3 a bar.

Vool Verdict

A different type of chocolate bar with recyclable wrapping a hint of creamy oats. Just remember that pink doesn’t mean berries!