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What’s new? March 2019

New things

Lovely yummy new things get added to our stock list all the time. We just can’t resist ordering the latest new products for you. To make it easier to see what’s new there’s now a new stock category called ‘New’!I think we used up our lifetime allocation of ‘new’ in this paragraph!

Vegan Easter goodies from - Vool Vegan Cool

Easter goodies

In addition to all the lovely vegan chocolate we sell year round just for you we’ve added a few Easter specials. Check out our Easter section for bunny shaped jellies, chocolate eggs with a yummy almond filling and honeycomb round Ups.

Vegan pasta

Currently there are 6 different types of vegan pasta in stock. filling include kale, porcini muchrooms, smoked tofu and ravioli with a melty cheesy filling. the last of lot of filled pasta sold out pretty much as soon as we photographed it for the our website so don’t delay.