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Review – Shakaloha

Shakaloha vegan chocolate from - Vool Vegan Cool

This is the second review of the Shaka range from Vantastic Foods. A previous post has considered the creamy Shakalotta. A review of the strawberry Shakaberry will be forthcoming. Today we’re trying the exotic-sounding Shakaloha with its raspberry and calamansi flavouring!

Shakaloha vegan chocolate from - Vool Vegan Cool

The packet

Shakaloha comes in a cardboard box with 8 fingers of chocolate individually wrapped in silver paper. Take a moment to admire jaunty illustrations of the main flavours dancing in grass skirts. No, the green one isn’t a pear. It’s a calamansi!

Shakaloha vegan chocolate from - Vool Vegan Cool

The chocolate

Testers simply said ‘Revels‘ when asked for their impressions. But they were unable to articulate anything regarding the flavour in any detail. The Revels like flavour and texture has been noted in regard to other bars in the Shaka range. Maybe Vantastic Foods will take note and introduce a coffee/orange/coconut filling.

The taste while hard to pin down is rather lovely. It’s sweet but not too sweet. There is an initial taste of raspberry before the tart calamansi taste kicks in. And what is calamansi I hear you ask? It’s a citrus fruit largely grown in the Philippines. So a sharper taste to counter the sweetness of the raspberry which works splendidly.

Good to know

Shakaloha is palm oil and soy-free.

You can buy Shakaloha from the Vool online shop for £3.

Vool Verdict

An unusual flavour but it makes a delightful addition to the Shaka range.

Shakaloha vegan chocolate from - Vool Vegan Cool