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Review – Vegan Hero with Hazelnut

So what’s the story with the Vegan Hero bar? What about the Vegan Hero with Hazelnut? Is it a true rival to Vego?

Vegan Hero comes in 3 flavours. The 2 original bars are white chocolate with almond and brown chocolate with hazelnut. A coconut crisp

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Review – Mallow Puffs

Vegan marshmallows have come a long way. All the way to Mallow Puffs! It wasn’t so long ago that consumption was limited to the homemade

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Bestsellers in May 2019

What were the bestsellers for Vool in May 2019? Which vegan goodies were you most enthused by last month?

Dandies Marshmallows had been much requested. They were barely in stock before they were out of stock again. Mini Dandies have now been added to the shop and regular sized marshmallows are now (just!) available once again. Get your hands on these marshmallows before they go!

I debated over which flavours of Walnut Whirls to stock. They come in orange, peppermint, coffee and chocolate. They are particularly delicious with thick chocolate that you have to sink your teeth into in order to get at the delicious truffle filling. Coffee has slightly outsold chocolate – but only just. Excitingly these come in completely compostable packing which is a welcome step. There are a couple of chocolate truffle whirls still in stock with new supplies arriving soon.

It’s like strawberry Revells in bar form – hello shakaberry. The individually wrapped fingers theoretically make it really easy not to succumb to the whole thing at once. The last bars sold over the weekend but they’ll be back soon.

or check out our next event to enjoy these vegan treats.

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Review – Thumbs Up

The delicious peanut Thumbs Up bar from - vegan goodies and gourmet groceries

What’s the deal with the Thumbs Up bar then? It’s part of the Go Max Go range which offers vegan chocolate bar alternatives to Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, Mars, Bounty and so on.

What is it?

Part of the fun is figuring out which bar will give you the taste experience you’ve been missing. When first ordering the range for Vool the Thumbs Up nearly didn’t make the cut. I simply didn’t know what it was. A bit of digging informed me that it was an alternative to the Butterfinger. That wasn’t much help to me. My only point of reference to the Butterfinger bar came from the teen novel ‘I Stay Near You’ by M.E. Kerr. The teen narrator tells his rock star father that they are his favourite candy bar! It’s probably a different situation if you live in the US but there isn’t really anything like this in the UK.

Thumbs up is a vegan chocolate bar with a peanut butter centre from - Vool Vegan Cool

However, anything described as ‘peanut-buttery’ has got to be a good thing and the pale blue wrapper looked pretty cool next to the rest of the range. So I ordered a box and was surprised by the way they swiftly developed a bit of a following. Customers would appear at my stall to buy them and nothing else would do. They were turning into a cult product…

So what are they like? What’s the appeal? What’s inside the wrapper?

The Thumbs Up bar from - vegan groceries and gourmet goodies

Rip (or cut with scissors so it looks better for a photo) the wrapper and the Thumbs up is a cylinder-shaped bar. I attempted to cut it half with a knife to show off the centre but it wasn’t having that!

The delicious peanut Thumbs Up bar from - vegan goodies and gourmet groceries

Beneath a layer of chocolate lurks the splintery ‘peanut-buttery’ centre. That’s not to suggest that you’ll be jabbed in the mouth by something massively fibrous. Splinter here describes the appearance of the crunchy peanut centre.

So what does it actually taste like?

Actually describing the taste and texture of a Thumbs Up is a bit challenging and it makes me wonder how I’d get on describing Jokerz, Buccaneer, Twilight, 2fer and Mahalo with being about to compare them to mainstream chocolate.

A customer once described it as ‘really crunchy peanut butter honeycomb’. I’ve heard it referred to as having a peanut brittle filling. For me, it was like a Dime bar made with peanut instead of almonds roll into a tube.

The Vool Verdict:

If you like peanut butter you owe it to yourself to give this one a go. now by heading over to the Vool online shop

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Bestsellers in April 2019

Bestsellers from - Vegan goodies and groceries

Our bestsellers in April 2019 were no surprise in many ways!

Baked beans with vegan sausages - Vool Vegan Cool

Vegan sausage and beans in a can have been a popular product with our customers. Right back to when Vool first stuck some products on a table back in November 2017. Beans are always a winner. The addition of V Bites sausages means you can’t go wrong. We actually sold out of these but new supplies are on their way! In the meanwhile why don’t you try beans and vegan burgers in a can?

Vegan whitener for tea and coffee in travel sized portions from - Vool Vegan Cool

Whity in a tub has been popular for a while now. It’s handy to stick in your desk drawer or bag. Then use as a vegan take on Coffee Mate. Maybe the approach of the holiday season has pushed this companion product to the fore? The coffee whitener (but also great in tea) now comes in handy 3g packets. These are ideal if you’re travelling and have to limit the liquids you can pack.

Vegan Almond Bliss Vego White chocolate bar from - Vool Vegn Cool

And this one is the least surprising of the lot. The Almond Bliss Vego White bar has been so popular in the short period since its release. The combination of almonds and white chocolate have been a winner in the Vego White. If you’ve tried and liked the combination then why don’t you also try the Vegan Hero bar?

So there you have it; bestsellers in April 2019. What vegan goodies did you enjoy in April?

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Review : Drumstick Choos

What Vegan Drumstick Choo flavours look like -

Drumstick Choos are Drumstick lollies but without the stick. It also turns out they are suitable for vegans. So do they bring childhood memories flooding back? Or do they just taste good? We had to open a packet…

Vegan Drumstick chews from - Vool Vegan Cool

The packaging

It’s been years since a Drumstick passed my lips. The wrapping that the lollies came in wasn’t exactly designed for a thorough examination of the ingredients. In fact, these nearly didn’t make it onto our stock list. Despite hearing rumours that they were vegan the box from the wholesaler was a bit uninformative.

Vegetarian label on Drumstick Choos

Suitable for vegans?

Even on the individual bags, it states ‘suitable for vegetarians’ on the front, but ‘suitable for vegetarians and vegans on the back’. But let’s not dwell too long on this and rejoice that they are suitable for vegans – and the packet says this at least once!

Flavours of vegan Drumstick Choos from the packet

Now in 5 flavours

It turns out that Drumstick Choos come in 5 double flavours; original raspberry and milk, strawberry and cream, apple and cherry, peaches and cream, and strawberry and banana. That the original flavour was a creamy raspberry was a bit of a revelation. I’d never given much thought to the flavour and doubt I would have been able to pin it down to raspberry.

What Vegan Drumstick Choo flavours look like -

The wrappers are colour coded to help you select the flavour you want. But the packet doesn’t show you what colour the wrappers are. It just tells you the flavours and shows the unwrapped sweets. This meant that my attempt to use the colour coding was more challenging than I anticipated. I assumed that the red and yellow wrapper would be strawberry and banana. However, it turns out that these were the colours of the original drumstick wrapper so they represent raspberry and milk. Strawberry and banana are wrapped in a slightly paler yellow and pink.

The colours can look quite similar. So if you’re picky about getting peaches and cream rather than strawberries and cream select your chew in bright light.

Quite frankly after extensive testing, I would be happy to eat any of them. You can taste the different flavours well enough but they still all have a tang of the original flavour. Should you need further help I have lined up the wrappers with the flavours below. You’re welcome.

Match the Drumstick Choos to the flavours

The Vool verdict:

A delicious taste of days gone by at a bargain price. These (and other goodies) are in our online shop now.