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Review – Vego Dark with Nuts and Berries

Vego Dark with nuts and berries from - Vool Vegan Cool

Yes, it’s a new Vego. It’s only been a few months since Vego white was launched. Yet now Vego have gone off in the opposite direction – and joined the dark side. But will this new bar be as popular as the classic bar?

Vego Dark with nuts and berries from - Vool Vegan Cool

The Packaging

Vego has chosen a shade of plum for the wrapper for this bar, presumably to flag up the addition of fruit to Vego Dark. Unlike Vego white the wrapper isn’t recyclable. Or if it this isn’t indicated anywhere on the packet. This feels like a step back. It’s chocolate – it can be wrapped in paper and foil.

Vego Dark with nuts and berries from - Vool Vegan Cool

The product

Vego Dark is much chunkier than Vego White. However, it’s a far cry from their original bar which rivalled the Yorkie Bar! It’s divided into 15 squares and does look pretty appetising. It breaks into pieces easily enough making it good for sharing. It weighs in at 85g which 20g more than a Vego Mini.

What about the taste? The initial bite wasn’t great. The cocoa taste was very heavy and rather bitter. But it does improve after the first square. As you adjust to the taste there is a good note of cocoa followed by a pleasing sharp fruity taste.

I struggled to work out which fruits and nuts were in the bar and looked at the pictures on the packet for help. However, even with this visual assistance picking out the individual flavours was tricky. Possibly this is a result of the nut and fruit pieces being rather small. Hence the almond and hazelnut flavours mixed in with the fruit.

On the subject of the fruit, the bar contains cranberries, raspberry pieces and blueberry drops. The drops are made from blueberry puree, apples and sugar. Hence a general sweet note with a tang rather than clear individual flavours.

Vego Dark with nuts and berries from - Vool Vegan Cool

Good to know

Vego Dark with Nuts and Berries is gluten-free.

You can buy Vego Dark with Nuts and Berries in the Vool Online shop for £3.

The Vool Verdict

If you’re looking for a vegan alternative to a Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut this isn’t necessarily it. But it’s a bar with chunky leanings and pleasant cocoa and fruit taste.

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Review : Tuno, Vegan Tuna Alternative

Tuno, vegan tuna alternative from - Vool Vegan Cool

Tuna was pretty much the last thing I gave up when I became vegetarian aged 13. I rarely ate it alone but would mix it with cold pasta, mayonnaise, gherkins and spring onions to make a pasta salad. I regularly took a bowl to an event if it was uncertain that there would be food that didn’t contain meat. And this subjected me to all kinds of conflicting views about whether or not fish was vegetarian.

Anyway, I gave up fish and learned to love pasta salad with other ingredients. So the arrival of Tuno on the UK market was a cause for excitement. How would it measure up?

Can of Tuno, vegan tuna alternative from Vool Vegan Cool

The Packaging

Tuno comes in a blue tin. I got 2 generous servings out mixed with other ingredients. A number of

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Review – Shakaloha

Shakaloha vegan chocolate from - Vool Vegan Cool

This is the second review of the Shaka range from Vantastic Foods. A previous post has considered the creamy Shakalotta. A review of the strawberry Shakaberry will be forthcoming. Today we’re trying the exotic-sounding Shakaloha with its raspberry and calamansi flavouring!

Shakaloha vegan chocolate from - Vool Vegan Cool

The packet

Shakaloha comes in a cardboard box with 8 fingers of chocolate individually wrapped in silver paper. Take a moment to admire jaunty illustrations of the main flavours dancing in grass skirts. No, the green one isn’t a pear. It’s a calamansi!

Shakaloha vegan chocolate from - Vool Vegan Cool

The chocolate

Testers simply said ‘Revels‘ when asked for their impressions. But they were unable to articulate anything regarding the flavour in any detail. The Revels like flavour and texture has been noted in regard to other bars in the Shaka range. Maybe Vantastic Foods will take note and introduce a coffee/orange/coconut filling.

The taste while hard to pin down is rather lovely. It’s sweet but not too sweet. There is an initial taste of raspberry before the tart calamansi taste kicks in. And what is calamansi I hear you ask? It’s a citrus fruit largely grown in the Philippines. So a sharper taste to counter the sweetness of the raspberry which works splendidly.

Good to know

Shakaloha is palm oil and soy-free.

You can buy Shakaloha from the Vool online shop for £3.

Vool Verdict

An unusual flavour but it makes a delightful addition to the Shaka range.

Shakaloha vegan chocolate from - Vool Vegan Cool
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Review – Go Max Go Mahalo bar

Mahalo bar from - Vool Vegan Cool

Mahalo with coconut filling is the vegan bar of choice for those who miss bounty bars. It’s apart of the range from Go Max Go which are similar to certain popular non-vegan chocolate bars. For example, the Jokerz bar as an alternative to Snickers.

Mahalo bar from - Vool Vegan Cool

The packaging

The turquoise wrapper with pink flowers references the tropical nature of the bar. It doesn’t appear to be recyclable; so another one for the eco bottle.

The bar

Mahalo is chocolate coated and has a somewhat bumpy appearance. It smells of coconut and very much the way I remember a bounty bar to be.

The chocolate has a creamy taste but it’s the texture that makes this work. The filling looks closer packed than a bounty but it isn’t really noticeable once you’re chomping away. And there’s something else that’s not very noticeable…

Mahalo bar from - Vool Vegan Cool

An interesting addition is the almonds that run along the length. While in the UK we think of this as a Bounty it’s actually based on the American Almond Joy. I’ve never eaten an Almond Joy so I can’t make a direct comparison. Maybe it enhances the flavour in some way? However, you could quite easily – and I have – eat this bar without even noticing the almonds.

Good to know

The bar is gluten-free.

Mahalo bars can be found in the Vool online shop priced at £3.50.

Vool Verdict

An excellent alternative to a Bounty with a great texture – and see if you can taste those almonds!

Mahalo bar from - Vool Vegan Cool
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The best places to get veggie and vegan food in north Essex

The Colchester Gazette asked it’s readers for the best places for vegan food in the north Essex. Vool were delighted to be mentioned for our range of vegan snacks. And thrilled to be listed among so many other businesses we enjoy visiting (yum!).

Also flagged by readers were:

You can read the full article on the Gazette website.

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Review – Vegan Hero with Hazelnut

So what’s the story with the Vegan Hero bar? What about the Vegan Hero with Hazelnut? Is it a true rival to Vego?

Vegan Hero comes in 3 flavours. The 2 original bars are white chocolate with almond and brown chocolate with hazelnut. A coconut crisp

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Review – Mallow Puffs

Vegan marshmallows have come a long way. All the way to Mallow Puffs! It wasn’t so long ago that consumption was limited to the homemade

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Review : Drumstick Choos

Drumstick Choos are Drumstick lollies but without the stick. It also turns out they are suitable for vegans. So do they bring childhood memories flooding back? Or do they just taste good? We had to open a packet…

Vegan Drumstick chews from - Vool Vegan Cool

It’s been years since a Drumstick passed my lips. The wrapping that the lollies came in wasn’t exactly designed for a thorough examination of the ingredients. In fact these nearly didn’t make it onto our stock list. despite hearing rumours that they vegan the box was a bit uninformative.

Vegetarian label on Drumstick Choos

Suitable for vegans?

Even on the individual bags it states ‘suitable for vegetarians’ on the front, but ‘suitable for vegetarians and vegans on the back’. But let’s not dwell too long on this and rejoice that they are suitable for vegans – and the packet says this at least once!

Flavours of vegan Drumstick Choos from the packet

Now in 5 flavours

It turns out that Drumstick Choos come in 5 double flavours; original raspberry and milk, strawberry and cream, apple and cherry, peaches and cream, and strawberry and banana. That the original flavour was a creamy raspberry was a bit of a revelation. I’d never given much though to the flavour and doubt I would have been able to pin it down to raspberry.

What Vegan Drumstick Choo flavours look like -

The wrappers are colour coded to help you select the flavour you want. But the packet doesn’t show you what colour the wrappers are. It just tells your the flavours and shows the unwrapped sweets. This meant that my attempt to use the colour coding was more challenging that I anticipated. I assumed that the red and yellow wrapper would be strawberry and banana. However it turns out that these were the colours of the original drumstick wrapper so they represent raspberry and milk. Strawberry and banana are wrapped in a slightly paler yellow and pink.

The colours can look quite similar. So if you’re picky about getting peaches and cream rather than strawberries and cream select your chew in bright light.

Quite frankly after extensive testing I would be happy to eat any of them. You can taste the different flavours well enough but they still all have a tang of the original flavour. Should you need further help I have lined up the wrappers with the flavours below. You’re welcome.

Match the Drumstick Choos to the flavours

The Vool verdict:

A delicious taste of days gone by at a bargain price. (and other goodies) in our online shop now.