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Review : Drumstick Choos

Drumstick Choos are Drumstick lollies but without the stick. It also turns out they are suitable for vegans. So do they bring childhood memories flooding back? Or do they just taste good? We had to open a packet…

Vegan Drumstick chews from - Vool Vegan Cool

It’s been years since a Drumstick passed my lips. The wrapping that the lollies came in wasn’t exactly designed for a thorough examination of the ingredients. In fact these nearly didn’t make it onto our stock list. despite hearing rumours that they vegan the box was a bit uninformative.

Vegetarian label on Drumstick Choos

Suitable for vegans?

Even on the individual bags it states ‘suitable for vegetarians’ on the front, but ‘suitable for vegetarians and vegans on the back’. But let’s not dwell too long on this and rejoice that they are suitable for vegans – and the packet says this at least once!

Flavours of vegan Drumstick Choos from the packet

Now in 5 flavours

It turns out that Drumstick Choos come in 5 double flavours; original raspberry and milk, strawberry and cream, apple and cherry, peaches and cream, and strawberry and banana. That the original flavour was a creamy raspberry was a bit of a revelation. I’d never given much though to the flavour and doubt I would have been able to pin it down to raspberry.

What Vegan Drumstick Choo flavours look like -

The wrappers are colour coded to help you select the flavour you want. But the packet doesn’t show you what colour the wrappers are. It just tells your the flavours and shows the unwrapped sweets. This meant that my attempt to use the colour coding was more challenging that I anticipated. I assumed that the red and yellow wrapper would be strawberry and banana. However it turns out that these were the colours of the original drumstick wrapper so they represent raspberry and milk. Strawberry and banana are wrapped in a slightly paler yellow and pink.

The colours can look quite similar. So if you’re picky about getting peaches and cream rather than strawberries and cream select your chew in bright light.

Quite frankly after extensive testing I would be happy to eat any of them. You can taste the different flavours well enough but they still all have a tang of the original flavour. Should you need further help I have lined up the wrappers with the flavours below. You’re welcome.

Match the Drumstick Choos to the flavours

The Vool verdict:

A delicious taste of days gone by at a bargain price. (and other goodies) in our online shop now.

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Where to find Vool in April 2019

Where to find Vool Vegan Cool in April -

Just where will Vool be in April?

Feel Good Fair

On Sunday 7 April we return to the Feel Good Fair in Coggeshall with our usual selection of goodies. Held at Honywood School, the theme this month is tread lightly travel – just the thing to get you in the mood for holiday preparations. Entry is free and the event runs from 11 -3. More information on the Feel Good Fair can be found on Facebook.

Harlow Vegan Fair

It’s Harlow’s first ever vegan fair on 14 April and we are so excited to be taking part. Book your tickets in advance so you don’t miss out. Entry is £3 and it all kicks off at 10am. Find out more about Harlow Vegan Fair on Facebook.

Waffle On Clacton

Following our successful pop up at Waffle On in March we’re considering dates for April. So far Saturday 20 April is looking good – not least because we can’t think of a better way to spend an Easter Saturday! Keep an eye on our Where to find Vool page for confirmation of the date.

Order in advance

Ever turned up at an event to find that your favourite goodies have already been sold? Maybe it turned out great and tried something new and delicious. Or maybe you felt sad that you missed out (while enjoying a few more delicious hours of slumber). Fear not – order in advance and collect at the event. Just select the ‘local collection’ option at check out.

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Sign up for news from Vool

Sign up for news from Vool, - Vool Vegan Cool - Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Keep up with all things Vool by signing up for our monthly newsletter.

Our short and sweet monthly email will tell you about new additions to stock, must haves that are back in stock and goodies that we ordered a few too many of and need to put on sale. You’ll also find out where Vool will be popping up in the month ahead.

Signing up is easy and you can unsubscribe at any point. Sign up for News from Vool today.

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Introducing Almond Bliss Vego White

It’s not quite the return of the Milky Bar Kid but the new white chocolate bar from Vego has landed. If you like the Vegan Hero bar then you’ll definitely welcome this addition to the vegan white chocolate market.

Obviously taste testing had to be done as soon as they arrived at Vool Tower (but not until after dinner!). Our verdict – once we managed to get the wrapper open was a definite thumbs up!

Order yours now from our and enjoy the creamy goodness of Almond Bliss Vego White.

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What’s new? March 2019

New things

Lovely yummy new things get added to our stock list all the time. We just can’t resist ordering the latest new products for you. To make it easier to see what’s new there’s now a new stock category called ‘New’!I think we used up our lifetime allocation of ‘new’ in this paragraph!

Vegan Easter goodies from - Vool Vegan Cool

Easter goodies

In addition to all the lovely vegan chocolate we sell year round just for you we’ve added a few Easter specials. Check out our Easter section for bunny shaped jellies, chocolate eggs with a yummy almond filling and honeycomb round Ups.

Vegan pasta

Currently there are 6 different types of vegan pasta in stock. filling include kale, porcini muchrooms, smoked tofu and ravioli with a melty cheesy filling. the last of lot of filled pasta sold out pretty much as soon as we photographed it for the our website so don’t delay.

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Colchester Beer Festival

CAMRA run a beer festival in Colchester a couple of times a year which usually includes a few vegan beers.

However at the recent 2019 Colchester Winter Beer Festival there were some definite upgrades!

  • There were 14 vegan beers from All Day Brewing, Ampersand, Calverley’s, Crafty Beers, Dominion, Leigh on Sea, and Other Monkey. That’s 7 breweries with at least one vegan beer on offer.
  • Vegan beers were really well labelled. As in previous years the festival programme has a (v) next the name of the beer to indicate it was vegan. So you read the programme and then played ‘spot the beer’ among those on offer at that session. So green labels clearly indicating that a beer was vegan that stood out across a crowded hall were most welcome.
Vegan labelled beer at Colchester Winter Beer Festival 2019 - photo by
Vegan food - Jackfruit stew by Organic Alex - on sale at Colchester Winter Beer Festival 2019 - photo by
  • Not only was there hearty jackfruit stew with pakoras on offer at the session I attended but there was also vegan dessert on the form of pecan pie and brownies.

If you attended then don’t forget to take 2 minutes to fill in the feedback form to let CAMRA know that the vegan ‘upgrades’ were well received. If you didn’t make it to this one then you’re in luck as the next Festival is at the end of May.

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Pop up at Waffle On

Vool have popped up at Waffle On in Clacton before and had a delightful time. Hence it was a great
location for our first pop up of 2019.

While it’s always lovely to get out and about with our array of goodies while chatting other vegans we did have an ulterior motive.

Vegan Philly Cheese Steak from Waffle On Clacton - photo by
Vegan Philly Cheese Steak from Waffle On Clacton

Yes! We are ruled by our bellies and were tempted by the thought of buying our lunch from Waffle On’s extensive menu of vegan junk food.

Still it wasn’t all us stuffing our faces (although we might just have skipped dinner). Our table was crammed with products old and new – thanks to a supplier order arriving on Friday night. And what products went down well with Clacton Vegans? Pernigotti Gianduiotto snack bars were popular as ever. Cult brand Candy Kittens jelly sweets were well received in sour watermelon and fizzy peach flavours. Plus our new filled vegan pasta in 3 flavours must have graced a few dinner dishes on Saturday.

Vool pop up at Waffle On Clacton - vool

Vool pop up at Waffle On Clacton - vool

And up next?

Find out when Vool will next be popping up at Waffle On and other locations by visiting our ‘Where to Find Vool‘ page. And don’t forget you can indulge your junk food craving anytime by visiting Waffle On – or ordering from .

Vegan vanilla milk shake from Waffle On Clacton - photo by
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Food to Go from Good Souls

Delicious vegan food from

At Vool HQ we were very pleased to hear that Good Souls Bakery is now offering you a Food to Go service.

We shared space with Emma and the Good Souls crew at Cafe No. 9 in Colchester for most of 2018. Customers dropping by to stock up on vegan squirty cream or grab a post gym Vego bar often caught us with out mouths full! Deciding which delicious dishes we’d enjoy for lunch was one of the pleasures of sharing the space.

Vegan food from Good Souls Bakery -

Personal favourites included black bean soup, savoury scones and farinata. Hence it’s great to see that these feature on the Food to Go menu. There are also with a selection of delicious cakes and bakes. The menu available on the Good Souls Bakery website describes each item and indicates if it is gluten free. Prices are as always very reasonable. So vegan pistachio and raspberry brownies costing just £12 for 15 serving. A loaf of homemade bread is priced at around £2. Happily my favourites are all there so I’ll be clearing some space on my freezer so I can enjoy at my leisure.

And by my leisure I obviously mean all those meals that I can’t find the inspiration or energy to cook!

Visit the Good Souls website and have a look for yourself at the delights on offer, then place your order.