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Review – Rizo by Jeavons

Jeavons Rizo - the vegan toffee crisp - from

Rizo was recommended to me as the vegan answer to Toffee Crisp cravings. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve eaten one. But I have vague recollections of an ad campaign with a bar the seemed to spontaneously contract in the middle while making a crunch sound. So with this image in my head, I sat down to put it to the test. Naturally, the boyfriend assisted me in my work.

Jeavons Rizo - the vegan toffee crisp - from

The wrapper

It’s a fairly standard wrapper for Jeavons. Clear plastic with a sticker. It is good to be able to see the product. I stock any number of items that have beautiful wrappers but no indication of what the product inside looks like. Rizo looks chocolatey!

Jeavons Rizo - the vegan toffee crisp - from

The product

The boyfriend and I spilt a bar so we could compare reactions (and because he really wanted to try it).

Him: So it’s rice crispies, toffee and chocolate

Me: That right.

Him: not caramel?

The test is paused for several minutes while I explain the difference between soft toffee and hard toffee. Plus the differences in naming conventions in the UK and the US.

Him: I’m going in. (takes a bite)

Me: I mainly remember it being crispy. (takes a bite)

Him: That’s good. It’s got a nice crunch.

Me: It’s got a great toffee flavour. I don’t remember there being much toffee taste in a Toffee Crisp.

Him: Lovely sweet chocolate.

Me: Ooh the crisp is spot on and the toffee is just chewy enough. Mmm vanilla.

Him: I like it.

Good to know

Free from gluten and nuts and made in England.

You can pick up a Rizo bar from Vool for just £2.60. Order online or visit a Vool pop-up (and hope we’ve got some left).

Vool Verdict

A spot-on blend of soft toffee and crunch with a sweet coating. Satisfying for vegan sweet tooths.

Jeavons Rizo - the vegan toffee crisp - from
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