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Review – Mallow Out

Vegan Mallow Out bar from,uk

We’ve tried out chocolate-coated mallow before. Remember those glorious mallow puffs with their Belguim chocolate coating? But this time it’s different. It’s in a bar.

Vegan Mallow Out bar from

The packing

It’s a pretty, eye-catching pink wrapper featuring the signature sloth from the Freedom brand. It’s not generally recyclable. Possibly it would fall under the Terracycle scheme?

Vegan Mallow Out bar from

The product

Once again I had assistance in trying out a product. Guess I can’t keep all the good stuff to myself.

Him: I can hear the wrapper being opened!

Me: Yes just cutting you a piece.

Him: What is it? Oh, it’s pink.

Me: It’s chocolate-coated mallow.

Him: Mmmm. That’s good. It reminds me of something.

Me: We’ve had chocolate coated mallows before. (takes a bite) That’s nice.

Him: No those coated things.

Me: (somehow knowing just what he meant) Teacakes?

Him: Yes!

Me: Or those biscuits topped with mallow and coconut.

Him: The ones with biscuits and jam.

Me: Teacakes. But they do remind me of the pink biscuit things.

Vegan Mallow Out bar from

Good to know

Mallow Out bars are gluten, nut and soy free.

Buy yourself a Mallow Out bar from Vool for £2.

Vool Verdict

A tasty vegan treat with a hint of teacake.

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