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Review – Smootch by Jeavons

Smootch by Jeavons - the vegan rolo -

One of the items I’m regularly asked about a vegan alternative to is Rolos. Well it would seem I now have an answer. Hello Smootch! Delighted to make your acquaintance. Do make yourself comfortable.

And is Smootch up to the job?

The packaging

Smooch are wrapped in a light card tube and clear plastic sleeve. There are 7 Smootchs in each packet

The product

I recruited help to test these (eg it would have been cruel to leave the boyfriend out). It’s been a while since either of us us ate a rolo. Our conversation went like this:

Him: Are we splitting a packet?

Me: Yes.

Him: How many are we getting?

Me: 3? No 3 and a half each. There was one left in the packet.

Him: They look bigger than Rolos.

Me: they do. Did Rolos have toffee in them?

Him: Yes. Can I start eating?

Me: Wasn’t it more like a caramel?

Him (chewing): Mmm they’re just like Rolos.

Me: Oh my mmmm this is just how Rolos were.

Him: Mmm only bigger.

Me: mmm Rolos definitely had toffee.

Him: Are there any more?

Good to know

Smooch are gluten free and made in the UK

Pick up a packet from Vool for £3 either at a pop-up or online.

Vool verdict

Possibly even better than Rolos. Do not be fooled into sharing a packet. Get one each.

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