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Review – Golden Crunch, the vegan crunchie

Golden Crunch bar, the vegan alternative to Crunchie from

It’s December so time for all things glittery. Hence a review of the vegan Golden Crunch bar seems pretty appropriate. Developed by Vegan Store, this honeycomb based bar is intended to be the answer for Crunchie bar cravings.

Golden Crunch bar, the vegan alternative to Crunchie from

The Packaging

Look at this striking gold wrapper. You just know that something amazing is inside! It’s clearly labelled as vegan and plant-based.

However, the wrapper is made from a shiny plastic so probably not recyclable through local collections. However, it could go in an ecobrick – and it looks like it would be accepted by the Terracycle scheme.

Golden Crunch bar, the vegan alternative to Crunchie from

The Product

Golden Crunch looks a bit like a Crunchie but it bigger and not as smooth looking. It weighs in at 49g which is considerably bigger than a standard Crunchie at 32g.

The dark chocolate coating is an obvious difference from the Crunchie. And how does that work out? Time to take a bite.

First, I’d forgotten how hard you have to bite to get your teeth into this type of bar. And how great it feels when your teeth break the surface and splinters of honeycomb dazzle your taste buds. Secondly, the chocolate to honeycomb ratio is absolutely spot on. That it’s dark chocolate rather than a vegan version of milk chocolate matters not a bit. It’s about how the cocoa flavour tastes against the honeycomb.

This is a glorious bar to eat. Each mouthful is filled with great flavour and texture. Also, some customers have mentioned not being able to finish the bar in one go – which is probably a good thing!

Good to Know

Made in the UK, Golden Crunch bars are gluten and nut-free.

You can buy Golden Crunch bars from the Vool Online Shop for £2.

The Vool Verdict

Buy it! Delight in it! Set aside a time to indulge in this worthy successor to a Crunchie bar. Savour the texture, and chocolate to honeycomb ratio.

Golden Crunch bar, the vegan alternative to Crunchie from
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