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Review – Schnouggi

Schnouggi vegan hazelnut praline from voo; - Vool Vegan Cool

Meet Schnouggi. Schnouggi is a chunk of hazel praline and is soooo cute. But at 28g isn’t Schnouggi a teeny bit on the small side? Or does he punch above his weight?

Schnouggi hazelnut praline from - Vool Vegan Cool

The packing

Schnouggi is served in a little tray with a clear plastic sleeve and a paper sticker. Given that Schnouggi isn’t that exciting to look at – it’s brown and smooth – a less opaque wrapping would be fine. Or may that’s the point?

Schnouggi vegan hazelnut praline from voo; - Vool Vegan Cool

The product

As previously mentioned Schnouggi is small, smooth and brown. It looks like a naked Miky Way or an escapee block of Vego bar that rejected being filled with nuts.

Happily, it makes up for all this in taste and flavour. The tantalising aroma as the packet is opened was amazing. I couldn’t decide whether to instantly gobble the whole thing or just sit there sniffing the wrapper for the next our.

As far as the taste and texture go it’s rich smooth praline but without out any of the chocolate nonsense that normally coats it. It slips down the throat far too easily. While it’s tempting to take large bites a thin slice delivers the same flavour experience!

Good to know

Schnoggi is free from gluten and soy.

You can buy Schnouggi from the Vool online shop for £2

Schnouggi vegan hazelnut praline from - Vool Vegan Cool

Vool Verdict

Schnouggi is small but powerful. Ideal for serving in small slices and savouring.

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