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Review – Vego Dark with Nuts and Berries

Vego Dark with nuts and berries from - Vool Vegan Cool

Yes, it’s a new Vego. It’s only been a few months since Vego white was launched. Yet now Vego have gone off in the opposite direction – and joined the dark side. But will this new bar be as popular as the classic bar?

Vego Dark with nuts and berries from - Vool Vegan Cool

The Packaging

Vego has chosen a shade of plum for the wrapper for this bar, presumably to flag up the addition of fruit to Vego Dark. Unlike Vego white the wrapper isn’t recyclable. Or if it this isn’t indicated anywhere on the packet. This feels like a step back. It’s chocolate – it can be wrapped in paper and foil.

Vego Dark with nuts and berries from - Vool Vegan Cool

The product

Vego Dark is much chunkier than Vego White. However, it’s a far cry from their original bar which rivalled the Yorkie Bar! It’s divided into 15 squares and does look pretty appetising. It breaks into pieces easily enough making it good for sharing. It weighs in at 85g which 20g more than a Vego Mini.

What about the taste? The initial bite wasn’t great. The cocoa taste was very heavy and rather bitter. But it does improve after the first square. As you adjust to the taste there is a good note of cocoa followed by a pleasing sharp fruity taste.

I struggled to work out which fruits and nuts were in the bar and looked at the pictures on the packet for help. However, even with this visual assistance picking out the individual flavours was tricky. Possibly this is a result of the nut and fruit pieces being rather small. Hence the almond and hazelnut flavours mixed in with the fruit.

On the subject of the fruit, the bar contains cranberries, raspberry pieces and blueberry drops. The drops are made from blueberry puree, apples and sugar. Hence a general sweet note with a tang rather than clear individual flavours.

Vego Dark with nuts and berries from - Vool Vegan Cool

Good to know

Vego Dark with Nuts and Berries is gluten-free.

You can buy Vego Dark with Nuts and Berries in the Vool Online shop for £3.

The Vool Verdict

If you’re looking for a vegan alternative to a Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut this isn’t necessarily it. But it’s a bar with chunky leanings and pleasant cocoa and fruit taste.

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