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Review : Tuno, Vegan Tuna Alternative

Tuno, vegan tuna alternative from - Vool Vegan Cool

Tuna was pretty much the last thing I gave up when I became vegetarian aged 13. I rarely ate it alone but would mix it with cold pasta, mayonnaise, gherkins and spring onions to make a pasta salad. I regularly took a bowl to an event if it was uncertain that there would be food that didn’t contain meat. And this subjected me to all kinds of conflicting views about whether or not fish was vegetarian.

Anyway, I gave up fish and learned to love pasta salad with other ingredients. So the arrival of Tuno on the UK market was a cause for excitement. How would it measure up?

Can of Tuno, vegan tuna alternative from Vool Vegan Cool

The Packaging

Tuno comes in a blue tin. I got 2 generous servings out mixed with other ingredients. A number of

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