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Review – Schakalotta

Just what is schakalotta? It’s one of the varieties of the schaka chocolate bar. The others are schakaberry and schakaloha. Each product consists of 8 individually wrapped fingers of chocolate.

Three flavours of Vegan schaka chocolate from - Vool Vegan Cooll


Schakalotta comes in a blue cardboard packet. There’s a graphic of a cocoa bean and a milk churn. Initially, it looks a bit alarming; somewhat akin to the cow that appears on Kohbonbon caramels. However, a closer inspection reveals that the cocoa bean – with fetching pigtails – appears to be kicking the milk churn!

Vegan Schakalotta chocolate bar from - Vool Vegan Cool

The fingers of chocolate inside in individually wrapped in paper. So good work on recyclable packing here. Additionally, the 8 fingers seem pretty handy if you are consuming with pleasurable caution and limiting yourself to one a day.

The chocolate

There’s a slight smell of creamy chocolate when the packet is opened. However, there’s nothing overwhelming to start the taste buds salivating. Each finger is scored into 3 pieces (breakfast, lunch and dinner?).

Tastewise I initially struggled to find a way to describe the taste that wasn’t simply ‘creamy’. The flavour was tricky to pin down. It wasn’t vanilla or caramel but it was lingeringly familiar. Then, after considerable consumption, a pre-vegan memory surfaced. Yes, it tasted somewhat similar to Kinder chocolate.

The texture is similar to Kinder as well. It’s firm but not hard. Placing in the fridge for an hour or so further enhances a very pleasing texture experience.

Vegan Schakalotta chocolate bar from - Vool Vegan Cool

Worth knowing

The product is gluten-free and palm oil-free.

It’s priced at £3 a bar.

The Vool Verdict

The texture is a winner as is the paper packing. Schakalotta is perfect for vegan missing their Kinder chocolate fix.

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