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Review – Mallow Puffs

Vegan marshmallows have come a long way. It wasn’t so long ago that consumption was limited to the homemade variety purchased for an eye-wateringly high price a vegan fair. The prices haven’t changed much but what’s available has.

When Sainsburys stocks mini vegan marshmallows – and there are rumours that Poundstretcher has them- you know that it’s time to go the next level.

The next level, in this case, being Belgium chocolate coated.

The Vool squad gave Mallow Puffs a try in both vanilla bean and salted caramel flavour.

Vegan mallows puffs - chocolate coated marshmallows -

Opening the packet

The first bite

The bag are re-sealable (consume responsibly people) but sadly not recyclable. However, you might be distracted by the fantastic smell of chocolate as the pack is cut open.

The sensation of chocolate breaking to give way to soft mallow is pretty cool. The chocolate is rich and creamy living up to its high-class Belgium claims. The manufacturers, Baru, are from Belgium so maybe it’s no surprise.

The marshmallows are soft and not too gooey. Apparently the texture is something that Baru has worked feeling that none of the currently available products was quite right.

The contrast in textures between mallow and chocolate works well. So well it’s tempting to just keep popping them in one’s mouth…


If you try both flavours go for the vanilla bean first. If you taste them the other way round the vanilla is underwhelming. This doesn’t mean the vanilla is bad just that the salted caramel is very good. The taste and texture are akin to bite-sized pieces of Milky Way. Those with a more delicate palate might favour the vanilla.


Selling at £3.50 for a 100g bag these aren’t cheap. However, stuffing an entire bag of sweets down your throat in one sitting isn’t really very good for you. It’s all about consuming with pleasurable caution. We thought a couple of these made a nice after-dinner treat (akin to a finger of fudge being just enough).

Vool verdict

These are definitely nice enough to take your time over. Salted caramel got our vote but don’t let that put you off the less strongly flavoured vanilla bean.

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