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Bestsellers in May 2019

What were the bestsellers for Vool in May 2019? Which vegan goodies were you most enthused by last month?

Dandies Marshmallows had been much requested. They were barely in stock before they were out of stock again. Mini Dandies have now been added to the shop and regular sized marshmallows are now (just!) available once again. Get your hands on these marshmallows before they go!

I debated over which flavours of Walnut Whirls to stock. They come in orange, peppermint, coffee and chocolate. They are particularly delicious with thick chocolate that you have to sink your teeth into in order to get at the delicious truffle filling. Coffee has slightly outsold chocolate – but only just. Excitingly these come in completely compostable packing which is a welcome step. There are a couple of chocolate truffle whirls still in stock with new supplies arriving soon.

It’s like strawberry Revells in bar form – hello shakaberry. The individually wrapped fingers theoretically make it really easy not to succumb to the whole thing at once. The last bars sold over the weekend but they’ll be back soon.

or check out our next event to enjoy these vegan treats.

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