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Review – Thumbs Up

The delicious peanut Thumbs Up bar from - vegan goodies and gourmet groceries

What’s the deal with the Thumbs Up bar then? It’s part of the Go Max Go range which offers vegan chocolate bar alternatives to Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, Mars, Bounty and so on.

What is it?

Part of the fun is figuring out which bar will give you the taste experience you’ve been missing. When first ordering the range for Vool the Thumbs Up nearly didn’t make the cut. I simply didn’t know what it was. A bit of digging informed me that it was an alternative to the Butterfinger. That wasn’t much help to me. My only point of reference to the Butterfinger bar came from the teen novel ‘I Stay Near You’ by M.E. Kerr. The teen narrator tells his rock star father that they are his favourite candy bar! It’s probably a different situation if you live in the US but there isn’t really anything like this in the UK.

Thumbs up is a vegan chocolate bar with a peanut butter centre from - Vool Vegan Cool

However, anything described as ‘peanut-buttery’ has got to be a good thing and the pale blue wrapper looked pretty cool next to the rest of the range. So I ordered a box and was surprised by the way they swiftly developed a bit of a following. Customers would appear at my stall to buy them and nothing else would do. They were turning into a cult product…

So what are they like? What’s the appeal? What’s inside the wrapper?

The Thumbs Up bar from - vegan groceries and gourmet goodies

Rip (or cut with scissors so it looks better for a photo) the wrapper and the Thumbs up is a cylinder-shaped bar. I attempted to cut it half with a knife to show off the centre but it wasn’t having that!

The delicious peanut Thumbs Up bar from - vegan goodies and gourmet groceries

Beneath a layer of chocolate lurks the splintery ‘peanut-buttery’ centre. That’s not to suggest that you’ll be jabbed in the mouth by something massively fibrous. Splinter here describes the appearance of the crunchy peanut centre.

So what does it actually taste like?

Actually describing the taste and texture of a Thumbs Up is a bit challenging and it makes me wonder how I’d get on describing Jokerz, Buccaneer, Twilight, 2fer and Mahalo with being about to compare them to mainstream chocolate.

A customer once described it as ‘really crunchy peanut butter honeycomb’. I’ve heard it referred to as having a peanut brittle filling. For me, it was like a Dime bar made with peanut instead of almonds roll into a tube.

The Vool Verdict:

If you like peanut butter you owe it to yourself to give this one a go. Order now by heading over to the Vool online shop.

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