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Vegan Waldorf salad

Vegan Vooldorf salad from

Waldorf salad is made from apples, celery, grapes and walnuts with a mayonnaise style dressing. Here’s a yummy vegan alternative which makes use of celeriac.

While classic Waldorf Salad uses celery this recipe uses celeriac. Celeriac is a popular addition to vegetable boxes and this winter salad is great by itself or as a side dish. Step by step instructions are below as well as a video summary. Now, what shall we have for dessert?

10 minutes 10 minutes.

Vooldorf salad – a vegan Waldorf salad alternative

  1. Gather your ingredients

    You will require celeriac, apples, walnuts and vegan mayonnaise.ingredients for vegan Vooldorf Salad - celeriac, apples, walnuts and mayonnaise from

  2. Prep the vegetables

    Peel the celeriac. It can be hard to get the knobbly skin off. Cutting the bulb into quarters first can help. Then dice the creamy flesh.

    Quarter and core the apples before dicing. No need to peel.chopped apple and celeriac for vegan vooldorf salad from

  3. Start to put it all together

    In a good-sized bowl place the prepared vegetables. Add the walnuts. They can be toasted in a hot dry pan but they still taste good if you add them as they are. Add a good dollop of vegan mayonnaise to the bowl.Vegan Vooldorf salad from

  4. Mix it up

    Gently mix the ingredients ensuring that the mayonnaise is spread throughout. Then either eat immediately or chill.Vegan vooldorf salad from

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