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Food to Go from Good Souls

Delicious vegan food from

At Vool HQ we were very pleased to hear that Good Souls Bakery is now offering you a Food to Go service.

We shared space with Emma and the Good Souls crew at Cafe No. 9 in Colchester for most of 2018. Customers dropping by to stock up on vegan squirty cream or grab a post gym Vego bar often caught us with out mouths full! Deciding which delicious dishes we’d enjoy for lunch was one of the pleasures of sharing the space.

Vegan food from Good Souls Bakery -

Personal favourites included black bean soup, savoury scones and farinata. Hence it’s great to see that these feature on the Food to Go menu. There are also with a selection of delicious cakes and bakes. The menu available on the Good Souls Bakery website describes each item and indicates if it is gluten free. Prices are as always very reasonable. So vegan pistachio and raspberry brownies costing just £12 for 15 serving. A loaf of homemade bread is priced at around £2. Happily my favourites are all there so I’ll be clearing some space on my freezer so I can enjoy at my leisure.

And by my leisure I obviously mean all those meals that I can’t find the inspiration or energy to cook!

Visit the Good Souls website and have a look for yourself at the delights on offer, then place your order.

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